Solve Work Related Pains and Strains by Utilizing Vacuum Lifters

Also known as a vacuum tube lifter, the vacuum lifter provides an exceptional workplace solution to the pains and strains experienced by industrial workers. Such discomforts may come about due to repetitive acts of reaching, lifting, bending, pushing and other consequences arising from placing the body in awkward postures.

vacuum lifter

Selecting the Appropriate Lifting Equipment

Making the right choice of lifting attachment can occasion a significant economic impact on any business. Since each load gets gripped and lifted only with the vacuum and tube, no need arises for using ropes, manipulators, chain hoists or even lifting cylinders during the entire operation. It is possible attaching the units to a wall, or workstation cranes featuring a small crane system or column-mounted crane. This makes them flexible and user-friendly gadgets, especially where space becomes an invaluable asset. Their powering can be accomplished with an electrical pump or perhaps pneumatic multi-stage ejector. As well, vacuum lifting devices can be fitted with a custom tool for lifting nearly any product manufactured industrially.

Tasks of Vacuum Tube Lifters

Vacuum tube lifters make an exceptional selection as a handling aid for suspended aids in applications where the load gets positioned below the center of gravity of the lifting assembly. That said they may be utilized for undertaking varied tasks, ranging between lightweight repetitive lifting and heavy duty lifting exercises that include:

  1. Heavy box handling
  2. Wood panels
  3. Delicate glass maneuvering
  4. Airport baggage
  5. Light metal sheets
  6. Cardboard boxes
  7. Slabs
  8. Sacks
  9. Bales

Benefits of Employing Vacuum Lifters

Numerous gains come about from utilizing vacuum lifting gadgets in workstations. They have an ergonomic design which makes them extremely safe to utilize, minimizing incidences of workplace injury while improving workplace efficiency. Sack vacuum lifters for instance usually stress the back to less extent when one gets to lift heavy workloads. These pieces of equipment facilitate easy lifting, moving and positioning of large weight loads without imposing a feeling of strain or fatigue on the operator.

Function of Non-Return Valve

The non-return valve is an outstanding safety feature that comes with any kind of vacuum lifter. It prevents loads from being dropped even when power fails. As such the lifters end up exhibiting faster and safer handling times, with even fewer workers being required for carrying out lifts. Workforce efficiency thus gets improved, overall.

Mechanism of Vacuum Lifters

Vacuum lifting equipment function via an easy and smooth mechanism that results in less cargo damage. It implies that products become less deficient in the end. The improved precision and speed tend to be noticeable as these devices are crafted while having in mind flexibility. Each unit is capable of performing varied applications with different attachments and power options that vary broadly in shape and size.

The vacuum lifter in all has a very broad range of applications. Safety, efficiency, flexibility and ergonomic design make this type of gadget inevitable for any workstation where lifting and repetitive movement forms part of routine operations.

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