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Enjoy health and environmental safety with expanded polystyrene

You’ve probably heard about the horrible effects of Styrofoam or expanded polystyrene (EPS) to the environment and your health, thus you’re concerned about various companies in Brisbane using polystyrene sheets in their operations. However, there is nothing to worry about polystyrene sheets Brisbane market offers, as long as it’s made by a reliable company like

Quality EPS is made without harmful substances that could harm the atmosphere. Moreover, this product is safer to the environment and health when properly used for specific purposes like packaging, decoration and insulation.

What’s with expanded polystyrene that makes it safe for your health and the environment

Doubts about safety issues surrounding expanded polystyrene are truly understandable, especially if it affects your health and the environment. However, polystyrene foam Brisbane market offers are proven to have excellent properties, which address such points accordingly.

Eco-friendliness in manufacturing

To begin with, the manufacturing of quality polystyrene doesn’t produce harmful chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) and hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) to the atmosphere. CFC and HCFC are two of the compounds that directly harm the ozone layer, thus eliminating its release throughout expanded polystyrene production is a big favour for the environment.

Green disposal of polystyrene

Disposing of polystyrene is another big concern that various eco-friendly advocates worry about.  This is because styrofoams take decades or even centuries to totally deteriorate, which could pose a serious cause of pollution and threat for the ecosystem.

However, the answer is simply recycling expanded polystyrene accordingly, instead of throwing them to the trash after use. For example, after having polystyrene cake dummies Brisbane decoration for a sales display, they could be disassembled and serve other purposes.

Expanded polystyrene could be reshaped to make other designs, melted to serve a specific purpose like insulation, or be brought to a recycling plant in the city for proper treatment.  The idea is, it won’t harm the environment if it won’t pile up in landfills.

Safe for food packaging use

Expanded polystyrene is also used for various food packaging in Brisbane, like as coffee cups, fast food meals and snacks among other goodies. This is a major concern for many health cautious people since styrene could be melted and potentially mix into the food.

However, styrene is actually a naturally occurring substance in various food products, like beef, cinnamon, coffee and strawberries, and is safe on specified micro levels. This simply means that polystyrene sheets Brisbane has today which are used for food packaging are undoubtedly safe for humans.

Free from various microorganisms

Styrene doesn’t have sufficient nutrients to support life of microorganisms, like moulds and bacteria.   And this is another safety advantage expanded polystyrene can provide.

When used as food packaging, polystyrene sheets Brisbane has today offers an excellent sanitized environment for food and drinks. This helps protect the food from factors that spoil it faster.

In addition, it could also help in securing the food inside, without letting too much air to come in. After all, this material is also used for polystyrene insulation Brisbane offers for homes, which means it could perfectly shield small packages.

These are just a few of the points on how expanded polystyrene provides environment and health safety, from its manufacturing, usage and disposal. The key is, you should look for a reliable manufacturer that adheres to strict safety standards, like For more info, click here